Cataract Surgery

Painless and Suture less topical Phaco cataract surgery done

Experience hassle-free cataract surgery at Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital. No blade, no suture, no injection – premium IOL for optimal outcomes. Transform your vision with our advanced cataract surgery services.

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Refractive Surgery


Explore refractive surgery options at Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital. From LASIK to ICL, our precision vision care redefines excellence. Begin your journey for clearer vision.Experience cutting-edge technology and personalized care for optimal results in refractive procedures.

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Advanced Glaucoma Management

Trust Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital for early detection and advanced management of glaucoma. Our comprehensive approach preserves your precious vision. Experience optimal care for glaucoma for a brighter future.

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Dry Eye Management

Comprehensive Dry Eye Solutions

Combat dry eye issues with personalized solutions at Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital. Our expert care ensures relief and revitalization for your eyes. Experience comprehensive dry eye care for optimal comfort.

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Medical Retina

Intravitreal Injections for Diabetic Retinopathy and AMD

Discover advanced treatments for diabetic retinopathy and AMD at Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital. Intravitreal injection facilities available for optimal care. Experience specialized care for your medical retina needs.

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Occupational Eye Diseases

Protect Your Eyes at Work

Safeguard your eyes from occupational hazards with Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital's expertise in occupational eye disease prevention. Comprehensive assessment and preventive measures for optimal eye health at your workplace. Prioritize your vision for a safer and healthier work environment.

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External Eye Disease

Comprehensive Care for External Eye Conditions

Trust Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital for expert care in external eye diseases. Our comprehensive approach ensures optimal treatment and relief.

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Pediatric Eye Services

Comprehensive Pediatric Eye Care

Rely on Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital for expert pediatric eye services. Our comprehensive approach ensures optimal care and support for your child's eye health.

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Enhancing Eye Aesthetics and Function

Rely on Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital for expert oculoplastic services, addressing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your eyes. Experience personalized care for enhanced eye well-being.

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Specialized Care for Neurological Eye Conditions

Experience specialized care at Dr. Pavani's Eye Hospital for neurophthalmological conditions. Our expert team ensures precise diagnosis and tailored treatments.

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